Fighters of the 5th Separate Assault Kyiv Brigade showed a video of the use of the Ironclad ground unmanned robot, equipped with a thermal imaging camera and a ShaBlya M2 combat turret, on the front line. The video was published on social networks.

"The fantastic future has already arrived. What we read in books and watched with fascination in movies is embodied in the latest developments of our inventors and helps our fighters on the battlefield," the military captioned the video.

Ironclad is a robotic platform that helps the Defense Forces perform combat tasks on the front. It can storm enemy positions, conduct reconnaissance, and provide fire support to the military.

The video shows how the Ukrainian military "destroyed" the positions of Russian occupiers and their equipment within a few dozen meters.

The Ironclad has armor that protects against small arms fire, and it can be controlled remotely – from a safe location.

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