Orban refuses to arrest Putin in case of his visit to Hungary

23.03.2023, 17:05
Orban refuses to arrest Putin in case of his visit to Hungary - Photo
Gergely Gulyás and Viktor Orbán (Photo: EPA)

Hungary will not arrest Russian dictator Vladimir Putin after the International Criminal Court ruled to issue a warrant for his arrest if he comes to the country, announced the head of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's administration, Gergely Gulyás, Reuters reports.

Despite the fact that Hungary has signed and ratified the Rome Statute, according to the Hungarian legal system, Budapest "does not have legal grounds" to arrest Putin, says Gulyás.

He noted that the Rome Statute was not incorporated into the legal system of Hungary.

"We can refer to the Hungarian legislation and on the basis of this we cannot arrest the Russian president, because the statute of the International Criminal Court has not been implemented in Hungary," he said.

Reuters explains that Hungary has not changed the legislation to implement the Rome Statute, that is, it has only formally approved it.

Gulyás also expressed his opinion about the arrest warrant for the Russian dictator. The head of Orbán's administration believes that this is "not a very good decision" because "it leads to greater escalation, not peace."

He emphasized that this is only his subjective opinion.

  • On March 20, 2023, Bloomberg journalists reported that Hungary blocked a joint statement by EU member states to issue an international arrest warrant for Putin.
  • The next day, Orban called this news "fake".
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