Courage under fire: Kyiv patrol officers' body-cam footage reveals heroic rescue efforts
Consequences of the attack on Kyiv (Photo by

The Ukrainian patrol police have released a compilation of video clips from its personnel's body cameras, capturing their swift response to the aftermath of the Russian strikes on Kyiv.

Patrolmen were among the first to arrive at the scene of the explosion and, along with other emergency services, were involved in rescuing the injured.

They helped people out of the rubble, provided first aid, and secured the scene.

Police are urging Ukrainians not to ignore safety protocols during air raids and to seek shelter immediately when air raid alarms sound.

  • In the early hours of January 2, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine. 
  • The capital, Kyiv, was heavily targeted with aeroballistic missiles like the "Kinzhal," resulting in destruction and casualties, as well as issues with power and water supply. 
  • Kharkiv was also hit hard, with reports of multiple rocket strikes in residential areas, causing casualties. The mayor confirmed multiple hits in the city center and residential areas.

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