Scholz urges EU to increase assistance: Germany's contribution more than half of all countries
Olaf Scholz (Photo: EPA)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the European Union member states should significantly increase their assistance to Ukraine to combat Russian aggression, as Germany's future aid to Ukraine will amount to 7 billion euros, which, according to him, is more than half the amount of all other EU states together. He said this during a speech at a conference of European delegates of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, RND reports.

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"We are now at a very crucial point," said Scholz.

According to him, in 2024, Germany plans to provide 7 billion euros in aid to Ukraine, which is more than half of the amount of all other EU states combined.

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"It cannot be the case that Germany has such a large share. The message to Putin must be that he cannot expect a decrease in European and American support for Ukraine," added the German chancellor.

On January 19, Pistorius said that Berlin cannot yet increase military aid to Ukraine, as some Western allies would like, since it has already given "everything and even more."

On January 24, the Minister of Defense of Germany announced that his country would continue to help Ukraine in 2024. In particular, according to him, the Federal Republic of Germany plans to train 10,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces, as well as supply tanks and other equipment.

On January 26, Pistorius said that Russia has switched to a military economy, but his country does not need it.

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