Ukrainian Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk released a video of a strike at the Russian-occupied Belbek airfield in temporarily occupied Crimea.

"Did you know that the Ukrainian Armed Force includes the 204th Sevastopol Brigade of Tactical Aviation? Well, its home base is the Belbek airfield!" he wrote.

Oleshchuk stated that Ukrainian aviators will undoubtedly return to their native airfield.

The commander expressed gratitude to everyone involved in the effort to liberate Crimea from Russian presence.

This evening, explosions were heard in various areas of Crimea, with missile trails visible in the sky. The occupiers declared air raids and blocked the Crimean Bridge.

As usual, the Ministry of Defense of the occupiers claimed to have shot down all 17 Ukrainian missiles over Crimea but acknowledged that debris supposedly fell on the territory of their military unit near the settlement of Lyubymivka.

However, as evident from the video and Oleshchuk's post, there was at least one hit on the Belbek airfield. At the end of the video, the sound of an explosion is also heard.

The airfield is located in the south of temporarily occupied Crimea near Sevastopol, approximately 225 km from the nearest Ukrainian-controlled territories.

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Map: Deepstate

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